Desserts with a hole in da middle

After a long day at work and a few tv shows the infamous sweet tooth kicks in and frankly it’s just too cold outside for a snack run.

I almost completely forgot about the buttermilk biscuits I bought, partially because we don’t have an oven. But have no fear (dun dun dun duh) Super mom is here!

We made our own donuts!
So simple and delicious.

Here’s what you need:
Cooking oil
Toppings ie sugar, chocolate, cinnamon

I heated a half a pan of oil in my Rival Cooker at 350Β°
Then took 8 biscuits flattened them with my palm and used a gerber food top to cut a hole in the middle


Dropping them lightly in the oil, they cooked until brown on both sides


They puff up nicely, similar to pancakes it’s easy to tell when they are ready to be flipped and when they are done.

I placed them on a cooking rack to drain, and then tossed them in sugar, cinnamon and even a few got drizzled in chocolate.


Cost $0.00 (since I had all ingredients on hand)
Time: 10 mins max

And guess what the kids asked? “Mom can you buy more biscuits?”

What’s your favorite homemade dessert?

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Random: Kids & their crap

Our kids vary in age but equal in gender. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. Baby Kae is still too young at 9 months to be anything other than a crawling tornado. Nee’ just turned 5 and she’s into girly things like fairies, princesses, and Hello Kitty. Every once in a while she’s ‘calling cars’ and pointing out the ‘ole schools’ that match the matchbox cars Mison has. Mison is seven. He likes drawing and is really crafty (much like me). He can take found objects and make his own toys even. He has a collection of matchbox and hot wheel cars with their own custom track he made and he named them all. Which leads me to Nen. He just turned 10…

(New paragraph needed here)

Nen is into electronics. Electronics that are expensive and I won’t buy. They have a tablet that they share, but I don’t allow internet access so he thinks its pretty boring. Except for a few games that were preloaded, including angry birds. Nen has tried to start collections but he gets bored with them really quick. He started a rock collection and got in trouble one day, and proceeded to throw the rock out the car window. And yes, it was only one rock. Since we were siting in an Einstein Bros. parking lot and not actually moving,Β  I only yelled at him. But this time I’m trying to encourage him to stick to his project.

He decided on a whim to start collecting bottle caps. Unfortunately the real bottle caps are mostly beer and alcohol but to his advantage thanks to all the litterers of the world who drink, we have 19 caps in 3 days. Every time we go for walks we scavenge the curbs and collect.



Our library visit today we tried to find books about collecting but couldn’t. In the whole city at every branch they didn’t have any material about collections or bottle cap collections so my next scavenger hunt is the internet, to find what we should do with the caps.

Right now its just fun finding them and having an activity during walking besides avoiding cracks in the sidewalk or sneaking around the dogs we see. I even tried to add moral value to his collection today;

The bottle cap collection is far more valuable than any phone or mp3 player you want. If I get those you’d be just like all the others kids, and you always complain that they never have much to discuss beyond tv and devices. So this way you are learning, developing a hobby and finding a richer way to spend your time besides being behind a screen.

Of course he didn’t want to hear that, but I think it set in a little better than just saying “no!” Or “I can’t afford that!” …

What kinds of things are your children into? Do they have any collections? Do you as a parent/guardian have a hard time keeping up with all they “want”?
Let me know πŸ™‚

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Organize My Life +Tried & True- Bombarded by Bags

Pintrest has saved the day again. While I was clicking through our “Must!” board, I remembered I pinned a solution to this:


The dreadful bag closet, full of bags inside of bags inside of a bigger bag. I am someone who lives by the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) to my core. It was pained me that we haven’t been able to recycle through the city. Its kind of difficult when you are a renter. Recycling programs (curbside) cost extra, and that’s not always something a Landlord in an urban community puts at the top of their priority list to provide for tenants.

So needless to say, we get kind of crowded in the apartment with my boxes full of bottles, and containers.
Fortunately for the bags I found a nice way to make them accessible and easy to transport. On we found the Bag Roll!


I used our Dollar General bags (for color) and an empty plastic baby snack container for this. I peeled the label off the container and left it plain, because there’s no telling what I will use if for next.

I decided to enlist the children because frankly we had a lot of bags. I divided this trial into parts to make it easier for all of us.

First we sorted through the bags finding all the ones from the same store.
Next we checked to make sure they didn’t have any holes in them (you don’t get very far with holey bags)
Then we followed the steps from the blog:

Press the bags flat, fold in half


Stack on top of each other in a single line, overlapping


Folded the handles of the first bag up and started rolling


You want those first handles up to serve as the first bag you pull, and you are rolling tight tucking the other handles in as you roll. Click here for the detailed picture version from tatertotsandjello πŸ™‚

Here’s ours:


15 bags fit snugly inside our container and pulled out nicely!

They are perfect for on the go



I’m sure a bigger container, like the clorox wipes one they used would allow for more bags, especially if they are small and the fabric covering gave them a personal touch.

I like to keep it simple and using what we had, it worked perfectly!

Now can anyone tell me what to do with all these? (Besides crafts and science experiments)


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Photography + Tried & True- Editing

Caught a rainbow yesterday!
It was so faint I barely captured it, but after a simple HDR effect applied it stands out a little more





Smartphones have a few cool photo editing apps where you can apply effects or even masks/filters to edit photos. My favorite one for my android is picsart.

I am definitely used to photoshop and other computer based programs that allow more detailed and extensive projects but for your fingertips, these developers have done an ok job giving amateurs similar options for free.

If you’re like me and you always find a way to manipulate the apps to do more than what they are advertised for, then I’m sure you’ll like picsart. They even have the added bonus of a social community. With a profile and connections you can share all your photos over the web.

What photo editing apps are you using on your mobile devices? Share and link me to your photos!
-Faith πŸ™‚

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In the Kitchen-Pink Pancakes

I thought it’d be really cool to make these fabulous cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. Complete with homemade icing and everything.

I hope you’re laughing at me because for starters we don’t own an oven. And I haven’t had baking supplies to speak of in weeks. So I tried microwave cupcakes. #FAIL

Needless to say the kids started to smell all the batter that was going to waste so I decided to go to my old standby: PANCAKES!
Something about those that never seem to let me down πŸ™‚

I used my favorite Bisquick mix and added a few extra ingredients to sweeten the deal!

Almond milk
2 eggs
White sugar
Brown sugar
Lemon juice
Whole milk
Red food coloring

I mixed the whole milk, eggs, brown sugar and bisquick like usual. In a blender I added the almond milk, white sugar, lemon juice, butter, flour and blended until smooth. I combined the mixtures into a nice medium thick consistency. (Too thick takes too long and burns before cooking through. Too thin runs, also makes it harder to flip)

I added a few drops of food coloring to both batches before combining them, and I got a perfect bumblegum pink color.


Then I stacked and topped with caramel and chocolate fudge


Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles!

Add a candle


And you have Pink Birthday Pancakes! YUM!

The batter was thicker and more cake like but still cooked perfectly in a well oiled pan. She loved them!


From Mom & Dad πŸ™‚

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101 Parenting (daughters)

Today is my first daughter’s Birthday. Upon finding out I was having a girl, late in my pregnancy I said;

I don’t want my daughter to be anything like me!

5 years ago today I started on this journey of self examination and internal transformation.

Its been a long hard road, and I think I have learned more about myself, my faults and my shortcomings after I became a wife. The past three years I have been a better mother, but the past 8 months I have learned a great deal about the little woman my daughter is becoming.

I became greatly concerned with my daughters self perception when I realized that she needed to hear someone tell her how beautiful she was when she got her hair done or got dressed. I would always redirect her to her dad so he could lavish her with compliments. Because if he didn’t she would be so disappointed when no one noticed her pretty hair bows or her matching ensemble after we left the house. Everyday she asked me to do her hair or do her nails, and granted those were things the average girl liked to emulate. Getting pretty and feeling pretty. But my daughter was acting starved for attention.

I bet everyone is going to think I’m so beautiful cause I’m wearing this!

She would say.

The hardest part about this discovery was realizing this was my fault. I’m pretty low maintenance. I don’t get my nails done, barely keep pedicures even in the summer. I don’t shave. I have about a handful of heels and I have been wearing the same brand of makeup since 2005. Which by the way is a shade too light. Through all that , my daughter always paid attention to the million times I changed my hairstyle and how I never got “dressed” unless I was leaving the house. How could I expect to teach her not to live for others approval if it seemed that’s what I was doing?

And worse still, I only made those things a chore or a necessary evil instead of something we could do to spend time together. I was giving her all the wrong associations because of my bad habits. I was teaching my daughter all about low self esteem. I was projecting how I felt about myself big, loud and clear, when I thought no one noticed.

When I found myself back in the grips of low self esteem, I had began taking multiple pictures of myself and making collages. Collages were a way to share the many poses and emotions without having to post the pictures separately. My love for fashion and hair spiraled into a vast array of vanity, where I was constantly checking, hoping, waiting and wanting someone to notice me. Notice my new hairstyle, notice how I put an outfit together, and not notice my cry for that attention at the same time.

Breaking down to my husband and feeling completely convicted in my spirit about having previously been delivered of my issues with self, I again realized where I had gone wrong. I credited myself being analytical and introspective enough to solve my own problem. Reality is, the struggle continued and if I didn’t receive help, I wouldn’t be able to help my daughter.

I had to go back to fix the real problem which was an identity crisis. One that only could be dealt with in the spirit.

Sometimes we find ourselves looking down on people who smoke in front of, curse at or don’t read to, their children. But what about those deep rooted issues we have that we live out in front our children daily assuming they don’t know any better? Parenting is a 24/7 effort. Even when you aren’t paying attention and not trying to teach a lesson, you are. I decided I had to make those efforts purposeful and be careful what I taught my daughter through my own perception. Perception of my self, others and life.

I urge Dads to remember they are a vital part in giving their children identity. And for a young lady the combination of her father (earthly), God (heavenly father), and her husband (spiritual head) will make differences no mother can, in the journey she takes in becoming who she is meant to be.

For the mothers, be careful what we pass on to our daughters. They have the power within them (through Christ) to overcome generational curses and strongholds, but even before birth we have the responsibility to be made whole so we aren’t giving them pieces of our past that could hinder and hurt.

She is beautiful tho, isn’t she?

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Red light. Green light.

As a stay at home mom for the past 3 years consistently I can count on both hands the number of times I actually have the physical energy to go outside with the kids versus just send them.

I wake up thinking ‘im going to walk the kids to the park…’ but in reality I get distracted by the 1,000,000,000,000 things to do inside that its easier sending them out to “get out the way” so to speak.

But, I could either feel guilty forever. And ever. Or just eat my wheaties and go!
Sidewalk Art was first on the list:


Everyone created their own square








Even after 2 whole days of rain we had our art to admire


Next was water ballon catch and hot potatoe… we didn’t get pictures of that because, well… we were anxiously anticipating water.

But the best part was Red light. Green light. A game from our childhood in Detroit.

Poor NeΓ© didn’t get the memo and chose to play in flip flops which landed her in last place every time.
We had a lot of fun, and I had a nice workout. Click here to watch!

Now if only I could get back active so I can stay active. If that makes sense.

What outside fun do you and your family have?

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