Five W’s

Faith & Steven:
We met in 2011
Got married in 2012
Had the final addition of our family 3 months before our 1 year anniversary in Feb 2013
We love hard and live strong!

Nen: (oldest son) athlete of the bunch
‘Mison: (2nd son) creative mind
‘Neé: (oldest daughter) sing, dance…you name it
Kae’ : (baby) the glue that connects us all!

Waire We Belong- a play on our last name, really defining what cleave means to us.
This is a blog about our lives as a Blended Family with parents raising 4 children, living for God, staying married and not ashamed!

Everyday (several times a day) you will find various posts about our home lives. 

We currently reside in the city of Detroit in a cozy apartment 🙂

Because of our lifestyle we don’t have a lot of interaction with others on a daily basis, and get tons of questions on how we manage. So we decided to combine the way we live, the things we enjoy and the people that makes us happy to share with anyone wanting to know!



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