Desserts with a hole in da middle

After a long day at work and a few tv shows the infamous sweet tooth kicks in and frankly it’s just too cold outside for a snack run.

I almost completely forgot about the buttermilk biscuits I bought, partially because we don’t have an oven. But have no fear (dun dun dun duh) Super mom is here!

We made our own donuts!
So simple and delicious.

Here’s what you need:
Cooking oil
Toppings ie sugar, chocolate, cinnamon

I heated a half a pan of oil in my Rival Cooker at 350°
Then took 8 biscuits flattened them with my palm and used a gerber food top to cut a hole in the middle


Dropping them lightly in the oil, they cooked until brown on both sides


They puff up nicely, similar to pancakes it’s easy to tell when they are ready to be flipped and when they are done.

I placed them on a cooking rack to drain, and then tossed them in sugar, cinnamon and even a few got drizzled in chocolate.


Cost $0.00 (since I had all ingredients on hand)
Time: 10 mins max

And guess what the kids asked? “Mom can you buy more biscuits?”

What’s your favorite homemade dessert?

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In the Kitchen-Pink Pancakes

I thought it’d be really cool to make these fabulous cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. Complete with homemade icing and everything.

I hope you’re laughing at me because for starters we don’t own an oven. And I haven’t had baking supplies to speak of in weeks. So I tried microwave cupcakes. #FAIL

Needless to say the kids started to smell all the batter that was going to waste so I decided to go to my old standby: PANCAKES!
Something about those that never seem to let me down 🙂

I used my favorite Bisquick mix and added a few extra ingredients to sweeten the deal!

Almond milk
2 eggs
White sugar
Brown sugar
Lemon juice
Whole milk
Red food coloring

I mixed the whole milk, eggs, brown sugar and bisquick like usual. In a blender I added the almond milk, white sugar, lemon juice, butter, flour and blended until smooth. I combined the mixtures into a nice medium thick consistency. (Too thick takes too long and burns before cooking through. Too thin runs, also makes it harder to flip)

I added a few drops of food coloring to both batches before combining them, and I got a perfect bumblegum pink color.


Then I stacked and topped with caramel and chocolate fudge


Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles!

Add a candle


And you have Pink Birthday Pancakes! YUM!

The batter was thicker and more cake like but still cooked perfectly in a well oiled pan. She loved them!


From Mom & Dad 🙂

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In the Kitchen – Stir Fry

I have to admit, Steven cooks way more than I do. Its never a question of who is going to cook, its always what we are going to eat?!

With a small kitchen but a family of 6 , we are always on the lookout for quick easy recipes. Here is what’s in the kitchen tonight:

Orange Ginger Shrimp Stir Fry with Sausage over white rice

Here’s what you need:

1lb bag of cooked shrimp
3 cooked sausage links
1 large red pepper
1 cup of scallions (green onions)
ground black pepper
Mrs. Dash tomato basil & garlic / garlic & herb
Canola oil
1/2 cup Stir Fry Sauce (orange ginger)

1. Heat a skillet to about 300° (or 5 mins on medium heat) while skillet is warming, Chop vegetables and sausage as fine or as chunky as you like

2. Add oil, vegetables. Saute for 5-8 mins, add meat (sausage & shrimp)

3. Add seasoning, stir. Cook mixture covered on low heat for 25-30 mins. Add stir fry sauce after 15 mins.

4. Prepare rice according to package directions

5. Combine rice and stir fry, enjoy!

We used white rice and bottled sauce but with slight variations anyone can prepare this dish a little healthier and a little more homemade. By adding your own vegetables, meat, sauce or rice it becomes One-of-a-kind!

Have any stir fry recipes you would like to swap? Leave them below or email

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Tried & True: Food’n’amug

Sweet Tooth.

If you’re like me you know how bad it gets the longer it goes unsatisfied. Must. Get. To. Kitchen.

But first I had to click through pintrest because I had no idea what to make. I almost passed this one up because the microwave in a mug recipes were floating  around a lot especially on facebook. Just didn’t have the desire to try one until…

Sweet Tooth.

With that smacking me all in the mouth, I figured I would put the reservations on the shelf. So here’s goes nothing:


with my favorite (large) mug and 2 slices of wheat bread I began to make 2 minute french toast in a cup borrowed from 🙂


I cubed my bread like so, since I was using 2 slices and threw them in my mug after greasing it with a little butter. I mixed up my egg mixture using 1 (whole, large) egg, cinnamon, brown sugar, squirt of lemon juice and almond milk. Poured the mixture over the bread and popped it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then 10 second increments until the egg was fully cooked. (1 min 40 seconds for me)


It smelled so good!!


Topped with a little syrup and voilá !

WARNING: kids will peek in the kitchen asking if you are cooking breakfast for dinner

So I can at least cross one thing off my TO DO List:
Sweet Tooth.

Do you have any “in a cup recipes” you have tried? Click here for 18 Microwave Snacks! & let us know

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I made the 2 minute french toast again with slight variations on the method.
I dipped each cube into the egg mixture before piling in the mug. Then poured the remainder over it. Seems like extra work, I know but, if you’ve ever made french toast and had that one dry corner of bread…then you’d agree this small step for mankind will make your mini Pain Doré so worth it 🙂

Don’t skip the butter (not that I did but) it makes all the difference in the egg cooking without getting stuck to the mug as it rises. After 01:30 sec I watched closely to avoid a disaster.

Kinda reminds me of bread pudding. yum!

101-Meal Planning

*we use 101 solely to mean lesson. Here is what we learned about meal planning

We have 4 kids. 3 of which eat “food food”. (Baby Kae has eaten peas twice, she turns 5 months next week…yay!)

Shopping is everyones favorite but mine. I have tried to come up with a system to make figuring it all out easier.

First thing we do in meal planning is decide what meals we would like to have.


Just follow a 4 week/7 day calender with 4 meal categories each day; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack. (We give the children a snack before each main meal)

We find that although we like trying new recipes, we end up gravitating toward the same meals. So this months plan was extremely easy. If your children are as picky as mine there is no need to keep throwing monkey wrenches in their routine with things that you will regret. So go head and cook the same things over and over with maybe a slight variation with the adult meals.

We also try to eat by serving size. That helps the food last all month.

After we plan the meals, we comprise our shopping list. And sometimes I break the list into categories since we shop at least two different stores. Categories of store sections and which items are bought in bulk or not make it a breeze to float through the store with the whole family.

Now of course a great plan wouldn’t be great without proper (and strict) execution. Once you deviate, its a little challenging getting back on it. So I suggest making sure no matter where you are, go home to eat. If that’s not possible plan ahead and pack what you would eat at home, to take with you.

If you or someone you know would like a detailed post about our meal planning, stay connected for Meal Planning 2!

Thanks for reading
-Faith W

In the Kitchen-Pancakes

Pancakes are one of our favorite “breakfast” foods. We rarely eat them in the morning but we always run out of syrup. Since syrup is not really used for anything other than pancakes its not quickly replaced.

But who doesn’t like something sweet added?

So almost every time I make pancakes I try new additions the family might like that doesn’t require drowning them in syrup.

Today: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes


This is what I use :


Bisquick baking mix
A spatula
1 tbsp (round)
Wire wisk
Liquid cup measurement (2cp)

I make the batter according to the box adding 1 cup of milk, 2 cups of mix, and 2 eggs. Then I added applesauce, sugar, and cinnamon. I always eye ball it but let’s just say 1/4 cup of sauce, and equal parts sugar/cinnamon.

Time to cook!


I have a “hot plate” where I can control the temp. I heat it up to 300 degrees then add a little oil once its hot. Then I use the round tablespoon to measure out nice circles of batter into the pan. As tempting as it is, I do not turn the cakes over until I see small bubbles forming on the tops


Golden brown…and only a minute or two on the reverse side and they are done.

The batter yields 14 (according to the box) but with this size I easily get 28! With 3 hungry kids add orange juice, scrambled eggs and sausage…Breakfast is served!


Some other additions my kids like:
Chocolate syrup

We like not adding toppings to the pancakes because that takes away from the portability. 🙂 its nothing like a cold pancake in the car…

How do you eat your pancakes? And what are some of your tricks for getting perfect little golden circles of delight?