Random: Kids & their crap

Our kids vary in age but equal in gender. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. Baby Kae is still too young at 9 months to be anything other than a crawling tornado. Nee’ just turned 5 and she’s into girly things like fairies, princesses, and Hello Kitty. Every once in a while she’s ‘calling cars’ and pointing out the ‘ole schools’ that match the matchbox cars Mison has. Mison is seven. He likes drawing and is really crafty (much like me). He can take found objects and make his own toys even. He has a collection of matchbox and hot wheel cars with their own custom track he made and he named them all. Which leads me to Nen. He just turned 10…

(New paragraph needed here)

Nen is into electronics. Electronics that are expensive and I won’t buy. They have a tablet that they share, but I don’t allow internet access so he thinks its pretty boring. Except for a few games that were preloaded, including angry birds. Nen has tried to start collections but he gets bored with them really quick. He started a rock collection and got in trouble one day, and proceeded to throw the rock out the car window. And yes, it was only one rock. Since we were siting in an Einstein Bros. parking lot and not actually moving,  I only yelled at him. But this time I’m trying to encourage him to stick to his project.

He decided on a whim to start collecting bottle caps. Unfortunately the real bottle caps are mostly beer and alcohol but to his advantage thanks to all the litterers of the world who drink, we have 19 caps in 3 days. Every time we go for walks we scavenge the curbs and collect.



Our library visit today we tried to find books about collecting but couldn’t. In the whole city at every branch they didn’t have any material about collections or bottle cap collections so my next scavenger hunt is the internet, to find what we should do with the caps.

Right now its just fun finding them and having an activity during walking besides avoiding cracks in the sidewalk or sneaking around the dogs we see. I even tried to add moral value to his collection today;

The bottle cap collection is far more valuable than any phone or mp3 player you want. If I get those you’d be just like all the others kids, and you always complain that they never have much to discuss beyond tv and devices. So this way you are learning, developing a hobby and finding a richer way to spend your time besides being behind a screen.

Of course he didn’t want to hear that, but I think it set in a little better than just saying “no!” Or “I can’t afford that!” …

What kinds of things are your children into? Do they have any collections? Do you as a parent/guardian have a hard time keeping up with all they “want”?
Let me know 🙂

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