Organize My Life +Tried & True- Bombarded by Bags

Pintrest has saved the day again. While I was clicking through our “Must!” board, I remembered I pinned a solution to this:


The dreadful bag closet, full of bags inside of bags inside of a bigger bag. I am someone who lives by the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) to my core. It was pained me that we haven’t been able to recycle through the city. Its kind of difficult when you are a renter. Recycling programs (curbside) cost extra, and that’s not always something a Landlord in an urban community puts at the top of their priority list to provide for tenants.

So needless to say, we get kind of crowded in the apartment with my boxes full of bottles, and containers.
Fortunately for the bags I found a nice way to make them accessible and easy to transport. On we found the Bag Roll!


I used our Dollar General bags (for color) and an empty plastic baby snack container for this. I peeled the label off the container and left it plain, because there’s no telling what I will use if for next.

I decided to enlist the children because frankly we had a lot of bags. I divided this trial into parts to make it easier for all of us.

First we sorted through the bags finding all the ones from the same store.
Next we checked to make sure they didn’t have any holes in them (you don’t get very far with holey bags)
Then we followed the steps from the blog:

Press the bags flat, fold in half


Stack on top of each other in a single line, overlapping


Folded the handles of the first bag up and started rolling


You want those first handles up to serve as the first bag you pull, and you are rolling tight tucking the other handles in as you roll. Click here for the detailed picture version from tatertotsandjello 🙂

Here’s ours:


15 bags fit snugly inside our container and pulled out nicely!

They are perfect for on the go



I’m sure a bigger container, like the clorox wipes one they used would allow for more bags, especially if they are small and the fabric covering gave them a personal touch.

I like to keep it simple and using what we had, it worked perfectly!

Now can anyone tell me what to do with all these? (Besides crafts and science experiments)


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