Photography + Tried & True- Editing

Caught a rainbow yesterday!
It was so faint I barely captured it, but after a simple HDR effect applied it stands out a little more





Smartphones have a few cool photo editing apps where you can apply effects or even masks/filters to edit photos. My favorite one for my android is picsart.

I am definitely used to photoshop and other computer based programs that allow more detailed and extensive projects but for your fingertips, these developers have done an ok job giving amateurs similar options for free.

If you’re like me and you always find a way to manipulate the apps to do more than what they are advertised for, then I’m sure you’ll like picsart. They even have the added bonus of a social community. With a profile and connections you can share all your photos over the web.

What photo editing apps are you using on your mobile devices? Share and link me to your photos!
-Faith 🙂

Posted from the Heart ❤


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