In the Kitchen-Pink Pancakes

I thought it’d be really cool to make these fabulous cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday. Complete with homemade icing and everything.

I hope you’re laughing at me because for starters we don’t own an oven. And I haven’t had baking supplies to speak of in weeks. So I tried microwave cupcakes. #FAIL

Needless to say the kids started to smell all the batter that was going to waste so I decided to go to my old standby: PANCAKES!
Something about those that never seem to let me down πŸ™‚

I used my favorite Bisquick mix and added a few extra ingredients to sweeten the deal!

Almond milk
2 eggs
White sugar
Brown sugar
Lemon juice
Whole milk
Red food coloring

I mixed the whole milk, eggs, brown sugar and bisquick like usual. In a blender I added the almond milk, white sugar, lemon juice, butter, flour and blended until smooth. I combined the mixtures into a nice medium thick consistency. (Too thick takes too long and burns before cooking through. Too thin runs, also makes it harder to flip)

I added a few drops of food coloring to both batches before combining them, and I got a perfect bumblegum pink color.


Then I stacked and topped with caramel and chocolate fudge


Don’t forget the chocolate sprinkles!

Add a candle


And you have Pink Birthday Pancakes! YUM!

The batter was thicker and more cake like but still cooked perfectly in a well oiled pan. She loved them!


From Mom & Dad πŸ™‚

Posted from the Heart ❀


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