Tried & True: Food’n’amug

Sweet Tooth.

If you’re like me you know how bad it gets the longer it goes unsatisfied. Must. Get. To. Kitchen.

But first I had to click through pintrest because I had no idea what to make. I almost passed this one up because the microwave in a mug recipes were floating  around a lot especially on facebook. Just didn’t have the desire to try one until…

Sweet Tooth.

With that smacking me all in the mouth, I figured I would put the reservations on the shelf. So here’s goes nothing:


with my favorite (large) mug and 2 slices of wheat bread I began to make 2 minute french toast in a cup borrowed from 🙂


I cubed my bread like so, since I was using 2 slices and threw them in my mug after greasing it with a little butter. I mixed up my egg mixture using 1 (whole, large) egg, cinnamon, brown sugar, squirt of lemon juice and almond milk. Poured the mixture over the bread and popped it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then 10 second increments until the egg was fully cooked. (1 min 40 seconds for me)


It smelled so good!!


Topped with a little syrup and voilá !

WARNING: kids will peek in the kitchen asking if you are cooking breakfast for dinner

So I can at least cross one thing off my TO DO List:
Sweet Tooth.

Do you have any “in a cup recipes” you have tried? Click here for 18 Microwave Snacks! & let us know

Posted from the Heart ❤

I made the 2 minute french toast again with slight variations on the method.
I dipped each cube into the egg mixture before piling in the mug. Then poured the remainder over it. Seems like extra work, I know but, if you’ve ever made french toast and had that one dry corner of bread…then you’d agree this small step for mankind will make your mini Pain Doré so worth it 🙂

Don’t skip the butter (not that I did but) it makes all the difference in the egg cooking without getting stuck to the mug as it rises. After 01:30 sec I watched closely to avoid a disaster.

Kinda reminds me of bread pudding. yum!


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