Waire Learning + Tried & True

Hey! This is our first official Waire Learning post 🙂

Even with a nontraditional homeschooling approach we have definitely been taking a traditional summer. We haven’t done a structured lesson in months and at times it was challenging documenting the lessons in order to share, because with in-house ministry we had been commuting various days in the week.

On hot days like today, in this heatwave its been really difficult to stay motivated to teach. We happen not to have central air so its always 10° hotter inside than it is outside. But while searching pintrest I found a pretty cool link (pun intended) : Fun Science Projects

Here I was able to find a link for the Indoor Rain experiment we tried today!


It was really cool to show the kids how the weather worked, versus just telling them.

Ice Cubes

1.Heat water to just before bowling, pour in jar
2.Immediately place plate on top of jar
3.Place ice cubes on top of plate
4.Watch it rain!



The plate traps the heat from the water, causing the water to evaporate and condensation to form around the sides and towards the top of the jar. When the water droplets meet the cool air (caused by the ice cubes on the plate) they fall back down sides of the jar.


Much like in nature when the air temperature is warm enough for the collection of water (lakes, oceans, rivers, ponds etc) to evaporate. Once they meet the cooler air they collect back in condensation forming clouds. When the water (and sometimes crystals) gather enough making the pressure of the cloud heavier than the pressure of the upward hot/warm air, it causes precipitation. Depending on the surrounding air temperatures it can either be rain, snow, hail or sleet.

Pretty cool, if you ask me!

We then went on to discuss why rain is important and how we benefit from it. Like cooling us off on a hot day or hydrating the trees whose leaves clean our air. It was a perfect impromptu lesson, with just a few supplies and an open mind.

Feel free to share with us any quick lessons you have used at home: wairewebelong@gmail.com

Posted from the Heart ❤


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