*we use the term 101 to solely mean lesson, these are our lessons for our first year of marriage


People ask us all the time; “how long have you two been married?” And are shocked to discover that we are technically still newlyweds. Married in February of 2012 after knowing each other and ‘dating‘ for a year prior to that. We like to think the shock comes from how well we present ourselves as a married couple.

Both Steven and I experienced divorce in our childhood so we fortunately have examples of what we do not want to imulate. Every day its a challenge but we choose to make a lesson out of every single situation and use that to become closer.

With Marriage 101 we would like to share those lessons and how we have applied them practically from spiritual and natural points of view. Below we will start with sharing a list of things we learned that will become the topics for future posts.

10 Things in a Year
1. Selflessness
2. Submission
3. Patience
4. Privacy vs Secrecy
5. Endurance
6. Unity
7. How to Love
8. How to Forgive
9.The truth about Who I am
10. Sex & Intimacy

We hope you will find something to use in your marriage, no matter the year you are in!


Leave your feedback below :)

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