Organize My Life 1: Clothes

My North Carolinian family moved back to Michigan recently and my little cousin (whose the same age as my kids) asked Nen “where is your room, and where do you sleep?”

People visit my small apartment and can’t believe 6 people fit in here. And what they really don’t know is, we fit just fine. Its all our stuff that we have a hard time finding a place for. I have organized, purged and reorganized toys, clothes, shoes, and every miscellaneous item in the house you could ever dream of, and what seems to give me the most headache is clothes.


I don’t like washing clothes. (And I can hear my mother now, “Its not like you are washing them, the machine does all the work…“) but the worse is folding. White clothes give my fingers cramps, with a gazillion mismatched lost socks at the end of every load every week. Needless to say; I like wearing clothes but loathe laundering processes!

Without all the bins, baskets, hangers and dressers I need to complete DIY closets, I have to improvise. With the boys frumpy looking knob-less dresser its perfect to hid inside a closet that’s deeper than it is wide


Then we stack bins on top that are labeled for easy access:


Inside the drawers we are trying a new roll and tuck technique:


Hopefully that will make it easier for older kids who dress themselves but aren’t too keen on putting clothes away either. They get it honest.

How do win the battle of YOU -vs- CLOTHES ?

Posted from the Heart ❤


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