Get back to it already!

“Get back to it already!”
I guess that’s what I’m hearing in my head…after two long months of not blogging my recent procrastination came from not knowing where to pick up where I left off.

May’s photo challenge, although initially I came up with a better way to avoid missing posts, ended up a major FAIL! I am just so limited to what I can do on my mobile device that I bit off more than I could chew with that one. Now July is slowly creeping away from me and everyday I slide past the white “W” in my apps, its haunting me.

Ok, fine…I shouldn’t get all deep and spooky but here’s what’s new in the Waire House:

1. We have living room furniture! We have been in our lovely adobe since November of 2012 and the last few moves, we left a lot of belongings. Feels good to have a couch with a coffee table to kick up your feet. And Stevens old school big screen doesn’t look so lonely anymore. πŸ™‚

2. We started a NEW family business. I haven’t blogged much about the businesses I have had in the past (clothing, hairstyling…) honestly because I was sad about having to abandon them. But we are all excited and together on this one. Such a difference between supporting someone while they do something and actually rolling up your sleeves and doing it with them! My husband is great!


Check us out on fb @


We have a food concession/catering business. Offering homemade treats to the local community “lemonade stand” style, as well as services for small parties and events.


3. Kids: Nen is turning 10 in a few days, while Lady Kae is crawling with 2 teeth. The way children grow up and develop make parents feel old! Or is it just me? I will be 28 this year myself, and its so unbelievable sometimes to see how big the kids are getting right before my very eyes.




These beautiful brown people make my life worth living and love worth giving! πŸ™‚

4. I (Faith) cut my hair…
If you only knew how much I am into natural hair and all things to do with it, you’d know how big of a deal this was


I went from low cut to medium afro in about 10 months, then I was inspired by a vlogger OhYesItsV on youtube:


To go back to my undercut!


Lovin’ it…and embracing the fact that although being natural is never a problem for me, its having a full head of long hair that I can’t quite wrap my mind around


I enjoy styling my hair and post regularly in my fb group Style Us Natural -DIY! Join us!

5. We are itchin to move out of state! Santa Fe, New Mexico to be exact! Know any info, have a say on your experience? Speak Spanish or know someone who does who can help with learning? feel free to comment or email us wairewebelong@gmail .com

6. My brother went to the Basic Training for the United States Navy. This is major to us because we love and miss him dearly!Β  Keep us all in your prayers!

7. I have joined the twitter and vine communities. #boredom @Faithope_W and Faithope
I also play Family Feud and Are you smarter than a 5th grader on my phone! Judge-free zone, ok?
Its a stay at home mom’s way to be social when she wants to πŸ™‚

That’s all folk!
There have been a lot of changes but we adjust smoothly and keep hope alive! We are still loving on the Lord and allowing our Faith to be extended. Forgive my absence and look forward to new posts soon πŸ™‚

Now back to your regularly scheduled TO-DO lists!Β 


Leave your feedback below :)

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