Random: I said “Monday is my day off!” (Vent)

Well we all know from last Mondays post that actually taking a day off in womanhood is unrealistic. Home school, ministry work, breastfeeding, housework, cooking, wifely duties…just make it impossible to really take a day of rest.

No matter what I do or say, Monday comes and I am doing something I vowed on Sunday night that I wouldn’t.

The truth that women need a break and the reality of actually taking one, well… (shrug)

What I found that really seems to get in my way more is the fact that I count on Monday to set the precedent for my week when in all actuality I believe Sunday is the first day of the week. So my conclusion is, I give Monday too much power.

I crash Sunday nights (having been at church since 7:30 AM) and Monday morning I can barely lift my head off the pillow. Dragging myself out of bed to empty my bladder is to daunting of a task and its 12 PM before I can even think about eating. Kids are hanging around my doorway playing 20 questions with the back of my head and Steven, poor Steven barely got his morning devotional in. So now we all are crabby and Monday is half over.

Am I expecting too much? Pushing too hard? Realistically meeting unrealistic goals? Too hard on myself? Lazy?

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around being content with a day off because I never really have one. Lord forbidden the days I go into hyper drive and then crash the following week. All 7 days…

Its always either one side or the other on this teeter tooter. Sometimes I just want to get off.

turn my phone off, close the door, lay under my covers in bed…and pretend I am not here.

How do you balance being an at home mom, wife and more? Do tell!


2 thoughts on “Random: I said “Monday is my day off!” (Vent)

  1. I love this! It reminds me of the 7 years I was able to be a stay at home mom! The scenario you just described was my everyday lol! Sometimes it was so overwhelming (the kids, the then husband, ministry…) and we lived out of state, so I didn’t have the support system of my family. As I look back at those times, I just smile. Because I made it through! A day off to refresh yourself is always a good thing. Just meeting a girlfriend for a cup of coffee is sometimes all it takes. I know you’ve heard it a million times, “hang in there”. Yes, hang in there and try not to sweat the small stuff. As tiresome as it can get sometimes, being the #1 influence in the lives of your growing children is so worth it!:)

    • Thank you so much! Knowing women before me have done it, and I have to encourage those after me, keeps me motivated to be the best example possible.

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