Monday’s Mayhem

Today Steven and I agrued.


All in all we managed to put whatever the disagreement was aside. Just enough to still get on with the day.


They are supposed to be my day off. A day where I don’t have to get up early and cook breakfast or lunch for that matter. The one day of the week the only thing I make is an effort to not do much of anything. How often does that happen? Never.

So today was like any other Monday. I woke up at 6:00 AM, fed Baby Kae in bed. Went back to sleep until 7:47(exactly) when Steven came back in the room from morning devotion still disturbed by a nightmare he had Friday night. We tried to gain clarity with that but I’m unsure if what was discussed made any difference at that moment. Hours later we are forced into the part of the morning where the rest of the kids wake up and begin asking questions. I’m in the kitchen warming breakfast up. Some yelling ensued over coloring at the dining table, next thing I remember I get a phone call…


She had 2 children. Her sister came in town from Quebec and attended church with her 2 weeks ago. Wednesday night Womens Bible Study that week she advised someone about depression.
I have bipolar, she can live with it, she will be alright!” She said.

But she wasn’t alright herself. The deception. The hurt. The pain. The denial. Somehow it must have become to much to handle. Affliction of the mind and body. The kind only Jesus can heal. And I remember Pastor telling her Sunday, “Maybe Gods healing for someone is to call them home.”…

Then bombings in Boston.
Next heart attack.

Stevens coworker who lost his son recently to suicide sucumbed to health issues.


Death was never easy for me to deal with but I have learned to handle it better since my grandfather passed February 2012. I hadn’t been effected this much by someone non related passing. Although spiritual burdens have since replaced natural ones. Its heavy and I am sad today.
For all the families, friends and other loved ones.
We pray with you.

-Faith W


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