101-Meal Planning

*we use 101 solely to mean lesson. Here is what we learned about meal planning

We have 4 kids. 3 of which eat “food food”. (Baby Kae has eaten peas twice, she turns 5 months next week…yay!)

Shopping is everyones favorite but mine. I have tried to come up with a system to make figuring it all out easier.

First thing we do in meal planning is decide what meals we would like to have.


Just follow a 4 week/7 day calender with 4 meal categories each day; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack. (We give the children a snack before each main meal)

We find that although we like trying new recipes, we end up gravitating toward the same meals. So this months plan was extremely easy. If your children are as picky as mine there is no need to keep throwing monkey wrenches in their routine with things that you will regret. So go head and cook the same things over and over with maybe a slight variation with the adult meals.

We also try to eat by serving size. That helps the food last all month.

After we plan the meals, we comprise our shopping list. And sometimes I break the list into categories since we shop at least two different stores. Categories of store sections and which items are bought in bulk or not make it a breeze to float through the store with the whole family.

Now of course a great plan wouldn’t be great without proper (and strict) execution. Once you deviate, its a little challenging getting back on it. So I suggest making sure no matter where you are, go home to eat. If that’s not possible plan ahead and pack what you would eat at home, to take with you.

If you or someone you know would like a detailed post about our meal planning, stay connected for Meal Planning 2!

Thanks for reading
-Faith W


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