Tried & True

Sharing is Caring

We have a pintrest and boy do we pin!
Well…I (Faith) do most of the pinning. But what’s more important in my opinion is showing how I take the things I learned and test them out/ review them!

So here is Tried & True where I will share my internet finds from Facebook, Pintrest, Youtube and other blogs or articles!

FIRST UP: All Natural Cleaning Supplies

Source: Pintrest


I ran out and stocked up on some basic ingredients


And so far we have made the all purpose spray and the dusting spray!


We absolutely LOVE the clean feeling of the house without the harm chemicals! And it didn’t take long for us to disassociate those smells to clean. I use the dusting spray primarily in the living room and the all purpose everywhere else. I also mixed up and use the tub and tile solution of 1/2 dawn dish soap and 1/2 white vinegar. The scrubbing wand (not shown) comes in handy to just scrub and go after a shower.

With Stevens and Mison’s allergies we have seen a decrease in the irritants on surface and in air. As well as the security in eliminating all toxins from under the cabinets (with a lil crawler coming soon)

I have yet to buy borax, but that is next on my goal to take down bleach

Let us know if you tried it and what’s on your list of cleaning supplies 🙂


Leave your feedback below :)

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