Point of View 2- Discipline

Proverbs 22:15 KJV

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

Its such a controversial topic nowadays. Society has shaped the thinking of many adults and now children to view discipline especially physical reprimand as wrong, unlawful and punishable. We see so many videos on facebook via sites like “worldstarhiphop” with fighting and kids all over the country pridefully recording activities worthy of some sort of discipline. Yet when that parent takes action there is ridicule and in some cases confinement to follow.

I was disciplined as a child, not a lot through my teen years (when I needed it the most) nonetheless, I discipline my children. Steven and I believe the word of God wholly and it simply tells us to take action with our children against the sinful nature. That’s how we show our love…and sometimes, a time out or loss of privilege just isn’t enough.

We had times in the beginning (and I’m sure still) that others didn’t agree with me allowing Steven to offer physical reprimand to the kids. But I was a single mother for 7 years attempting to do the job of a mother and a father. Why wouldn’t I allow him to assume the God given role? I was tired of doing all the yelling, and beating and punishing. (Yes I said beating…)

With anything there has to be parameters. We use a belt on the behind and thighs only. And if you knew our little ones you’d know how difficult that is. They, cut up. I’m just being completely honest. The screaming sometimes is worse than whatever we are beating them for. But if we let that get in the way not only would we be offering a not so good addition to society but we would then fall into disobedience to God.

With this recent posting about a father beating his preteen/ teenage girls for dancing suggestively (twerking) in church and recording it, that he has now gone to jail for, I felt the need to give my p.o.v on the topic.

Below are both Steven and I’s feedback via Facebook;
Stevens wall post:



My comment:


In the end times keep what is done in your home, in your home. Pick and choose what to broadcast and what to take a stand on. We as believers pursuing our relationships with Christ and adhering to Gods word will be persecuted for that. I heard a Pastors wife say once “If your kids have bruises from proper discipline, keep them home from school until they heal up” . I agree, although on the backside, no one should see those anyway. But in addition to that, teach your children why. Throw out the because I said so attitude and explain to them your actions. Show them the scriptures and have them read them if they can. By all means don’t go with popular belief or feel as if its too risky to discipline your child just because they (and others) don’t like it.

I’m not at all saying be a rebel and break laws, but child abuse and discipline are not equal nor are they parallel. Make the distinction in your home and pray the Lord gives you wisdom concerning the children he entrusted you with.

Vaya con Dios
-Faith W


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