Point of View 1

I saw a link to a good article on my Facebook feed today.

All about the facade many post on social networks through statuses, check-ins and pictures that give an unrealistic view of ones life.

I have been guilty of this with my “waire it well©” philosophy that I turned into a blog and was pursuing a clothing line. I began posting a lot of pictures of myself portraying a lifestyle contrary to the one I was supposedly living. In what way, you ask?

Glorification of self.

True vanity at its best. Yet I was proclaiming ties to God. I have battled in the recent past with self esteem, one of the reason for wearing my hair natural and expressing myself through clothing. I put my all into a “passion” instead of being healed and restored by God. I even wrote a mini book about “self”…what I failed to mention is to deal and eventually eliminate self issues one must go to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In reading this article I agreed that most if not all of what we put out there on the internet isn’t the full view of ourselves, our lives or our situations. I hope to completely approach this blog in that way. To tell the truth, be transparent and all the while be respectful to my family and pleasing to God.

We are real…and we won’t try to appear perfect just to convey the loving family that we are.

Here is the link : http://www.relevantmagazine.com/culture/tech/stop-instagramming-your-perfect-life

Read and Feedback! 🙂

By the way; I would like to start giving Steven a voice through our posts by including a Marriage 101 category. All about what we learned in our first year and let you in on some of the topics we discuss. Yay or nay?


Leave your feedback below :)

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