His Banner O’er Me is LOVE

Traveling in the car with children can be tough.



Its a rush to the car, get everyone settled and buckled in right, calm baby Kae down enough to focus and then head to the gas station. Most of the time we are too irritated to talk and it was so easy to push the radio button and zone out. Listening to the radio, we were coping out of socializing with each other. And everywhere we travel is 30 mins to an hour both ways.

Recently we threw out over 100 music CD’s/DVD’s, deleted the iTunes library, and refrain from listening to the radio. We kept 102.7 fm (local “gospel” station) on the dial but now the rides have reduced to silence. The transition is challenging but we come up with creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. The dreadful drive can be fun and Sunday on the way to fellowship we tried to keep the atmosphere light 🙂

The kids learned this from a CD we kept with songs I remember from my childhood. “His Banner Over Me Is Love” was a favorite of mine and I taught them choir style. (Footage of that would have been way more entertaining lol) Here Nen gets a little frustrated because ‘Mison and ‘Nee don’t remember the parts. But it gets better when Dad joins in.

I told them I am going to make travel kits so they can learn as well as play in the backseat, although singing wasn’t a bad idea.

How do you keep the kiddos busy on otherwise boring car rides?


Leave your feedback below :)

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