Random: UNO therapy

We absolutely enjoy spending time together. Movie night (when Steven comes home from work before the kids bedtime) has been completely replaced with “game moments”.
We have a collection of various family games we pull out when the mood strikes…

Usually the mood needs to be lifted and our favorite game is UNO!


If you want to see how a family truly feels about each other, watch them compete!

We play, every man for himself, tournament style. We play until we can’t laugh anymore and all the cards are bent outta shape!


The even better part is for kids of different ages it helps them learn/practice numbers and colors, sportsmanship, teamwork (when applicable) and most important strengthen bonds.

Steven and I find ourselves playing Uno without the kids quite often. Modified rules of doubles and triples (where we can play multiple cards on our turn) hours later whatever ought we had is settled and we are back in love 🙂
I believe there is a therapy when you refocus the mind from something negative (disagreement, offense etc) to something positive. Learning how to put priority on mending rather than keeping the bad mood in the forefront. I don’t think issues should be left unsettled but after time to think, calm down and even laugh; the outcome of an argument is 100% different!

What is your family therapy?


Leave your feedback below :)

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