The Holocaust Museum- An eye opening reminder

The time, the people, the tragedy always intrigued me..and today I was able to revisit the Holocaust Museum here in Michigan.

To begin to put into words how I felt looking at the pictures and reading the accounts of survivors as well as the historical aspect of the Jewish eradication by the Nazi Party; is almost impossible.

I spent two hours trying to understand what that amount of hatred feels like. Why someone had been successful in killing almost 6 million people because of that hate…

At the end there were a lot of factors my cousin and I discussed that never even occurred to me my first visit many years ago. One being how great of a leader Adolf Hitler was. Whether or not one agrees with his views wasn’t important. Of course neither one of us agreed with the thought of a “pure race” of humanity but looking at what he accomplished we had to give him credit. Eloquent speaker, rallying the masses, persuading the followers to take action against the “wrong”… qualities of which we want our leaders to have. A dictator who didn’t have to wait for votes or anyone to oppose his decisions, that was the dangerous part. Absolute power.

The second resounding aspect was the realization that a lot of other groups of people spanning the decades, over the globe have suffered some form of intense tragedies that brought on generational curses. Africans weren’t the only ones. Why do we (black people) feel so prideful owning our history but don’t acknowledge history as a whole?

I am torn at times on my opinions regarding my race, culture and heritage. Some of which I don’t know much about and most of which my “religious beliefs” trump. I have more pride in being a mother than I do being a woman. Sounds backwards since I couldn’t be the former without first being the latter. But I feel the same way about being black. I am a born again Christian so I put less emphasis on my nationality. I correct people all the time saying ” I am (an) American” not ‘African American’. I couldn’t imagine slavery nor would I want to but mankind has gone through more together than we have separately.

I can only be grateful for the time in thought and conversation that visiting the museum with my cousin offered. I will go back soon to teach my children the very things I learned.

-Faith W


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