In the Kitchen-Pancakes

Pancakes are one of our favorite “breakfast” foods. We rarely eat them in the morning but we always run out of syrup. Since syrup is not really used for anything other than pancakes its not quickly replaced.

But who doesn’t like something sweet added?

So almost every time I make pancakes I try new additions the family might like that doesn’t require drowning them in syrup.

Today: Apple Cinnamon Pancakes


This is what I use :


Bisquick baking mix
A spatula
1 tbsp (round)
Wire wisk
Liquid cup measurement (2cp)

I make the batter according to the box adding 1 cup of milk, 2 cups of mix, and 2 eggs. Then I added applesauce, sugar, and cinnamon. I always eye ball it but let’s just say 1/4 cup of sauce, and equal parts sugar/cinnamon.

Time to cook!


I have a “hot plate” where I can control the temp. I heat it up to 300 degrees then add a little oil once its hot. Then I use the round tablespoon to measure out nice circles of batter into the pan. As tempting as it is, I do not turn the cakes over until I see small bubbles forming on the tops


Golden brown…and only a minute or two on the reverse side and they are done.

The batter yields 14 (according to the box) but with this size I easily get 28! With 3 hungry kids add orange juice, scrambled eggs and sausage…Breakfast is served!


Some other additions my kids like:
Chocolate syrup

We like not adding toppings to the pancakes because that takes away from the portability. 🙂 its nothing like a cold pancake in the car…

How do you eat your pancakes? And what are some of your tricks for getting perfect little golden circles of delight?


Leave your feedback below :)

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