Waire Learning: Command Center

The place that is essential to our Homeschooling is what I like to call our command center!


This is where all info is gathered/obtained.
We have a whole wall in the dining room full of various boards. Chalkboards, bulletin boards and dry erase boards.



We even hung a few awards and certificates from when the boys used to be in public school.
We have a desk for independent work and a bookshelf for all the books as well as other educational items we use to keep the kids occupied during the day.


Although its still a work in progress its so easy to shift and move things around as we add to the wall. Frames/shelves will be added for decorative and organizational purposes and we have room for the home pc to go with our wireless printer!

I found command brand hanging products perfect for this ongoing project since we didn’t want to add any holes to the walls being renters!


Having a designated place like this, is so vital to the success of Waire Learning!
ABC’s & 123’s 🙂


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